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Does anyone have a smart home or use smart home tech?
Are you a homeowner or renter who's installed smart / connected tech in your home or apartment? Are you proud enough of your implementation to show it off? If so, we want to showcase you and your...
4 years ago
What technology can I use to help out being a home owner?
Heard of a couple companies like Nest, Porch, ZeneHome. Wondering if anyone has suggestions for technology I can use to improve home savings, bills, etc??
5 years ago
Users manual for quartet wanted urgently please
No further details provided This one got me baffled: there are apparently scores of various products named "Quartet". Most are in telecom or entertainment, which is why I am putting it into the...
5 years ago 2
can i dilute jeyes and spray on skin to treat scabies
can i dilute jeyes fluid to spray on skin to get rid of scabies
7 years ago
Master replacement Nutone 3003
What is the replacement for the Master intercom on a Nutone 3003. I only want to replace the Master Unit and not the speakers throughout the house.
8 years ago
Invoicing on iPhone/iPad
I recently purchased an apple iPad, and and I could definitely see myself using it in the field. Particularly with sending invoices and estimates to customers by email. (I think I could save myself a...
8 years ago