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why does wind trigger my motion light at night, the light is not triggered on unwindy nights.
No further details provided Because, stuff is only then blowing around or the wind is blowing the light fixture around. Most people aren't aware how far and wide motion is detected, so trees, bushes,...
5 years ago 1
how do I change the battery in melcome st 6000
No further details provided
5 years ago
motion sensor lights wont turn off unless I remove power.
I have two regents motion sensor lights on opposite sides of the house. When I put power to them they stay on constant. I've checked the mode and sensitivity switches and they seem fine. I cleaned the...
6 years ago 1
lsda door knob removal
I have an LSDA front door lock. I need to take apart to clean and graphite. It has a round knob on the inteirior. There is no visible shank between knob and cover plate. There no visible hole in the...
7 years ago
Home Alarm System. Occasionally alarm sound " chime - low battery "
Occasionally home alarm will sound with display " chime - low battery ". If any button is pressed at the display panel, the alarm sound will stop. Sensors are wireless. Main panel has 12V dry cell...
7 years ago 1
my motion detector light blinks on and off every few seconds
No further details provided You'll need to aim the sensor more toward the ground and play with the settings knobs and switches. Unless defective, it should only act that way because it's told to.
7 years ago 1
need to see camera's schematics
I need to see the schematics to a closed circuit security camera.
8 years ago