Should I be worried about charcoal briquette smoke-like smell coming from the ne

A month ago, the neighbors put their just-used charcoal grill in the garage, which led to some carbon monoxide (CO) alarms to go off (~35 ppm) in a couple apartments/homes (including mine). Fire/rescue were called who found out that was the source and had a chat with the owners of the grill about it. Since then, they have been more careful to have their garage ventilated whenever they use it. But overnight, there is still some lingering charcoal smell when they bring it into the garage. This time the smell is much lighter than that fateful night a month ago when the alarms went off. The CO monitor never goes off but I'm always a little frightened about the CO. I assume the CO ppm is < 30 since the alarm never goes off and I believe that normal homes can be 5-10 ppm. Should I be worried or is the fact the CO monitor isn't going off enough of a sign to remain calm?
I don't want to inconvenience the neighbors with the grill since being in a city, it can be difficult enough to find good open spaces to grill. I guess I'm more worried about the low levels of CO I'm probably being exposed to on a nightly basis.
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No, you're fine and you're actually very fortunate to have the alarms confirmed to be working. As the grill cools and dies completely the CO declines to nothing right along the way. Unfortunately, you can't gauge this based on the lighter fluid smell nor get rid of that without getting rid of the grill.
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