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Leaking Foot Valve in Well
The foot valve on my well is leaking through and I have been advised that due to the age of the well, it would be better to drill a new well instead of risking damaging the well trying to remove the...
3 days ago
Sink runs when toilet is flushed
Bathroom sink runs when toilet is flushed. Stops when toilet is filled. Sounds like a clogged drain and/or a clogged plumbing vent. Clogged vent stacks will occasionally occur cue to frost build up...
9 months ago 2
Looking for Red or yellow blade guide on Pro-tech CS72121 miter saw
Pro-tech CS72121
10 months ago
Question - Expansion Tank on Hot Water Heater
I recently developed a pin hole on the top of my expansion tank at my hot water heater. I had a friend of the family come replace it. He put the new one on but did not adjust the pre-charged pressure...
10 months ago
Swirl Mono Sink Mixer Kitchen Tap
I have a 25 month old (1 month) out if warranty) Swirl kitchen tap that now has a drip. The installation instructions do not include how to repair/replace the tap cartridges. Does the arm on the tap...
11 months ago
how fix broken faucet?
screw broke off. dont want to remove wall. pics: You can check for the capability of the preformed gasket to seal it without damaging the wall.
1 year ago 1
Is turning off water to outside faucet at 20 degrees okay?
I have an out door faucet which is fed from a pipe in my basement. The basement temperature is never less than 70 degrees. The pipe to the outside goes through a concrete block wall to the outside...
1 year ago 1
Opportunity for licensed Plumbers
(North of Boston) Job Duration: 2 months Pay Rate: $81.00/hr Per Diem: $70.00/days worked, client is providing housing on a cruise ship in addition to the per diem Hours: 60 hrs/week Scope: Commercial...
1 year ago
Radiator valve
Taking radiator off wall for plastering. Have drained it but can't turn the bolt on the main valve? I'm sure it's supposed to be turned downwards.
1 year ago
Cable ran through Sewer line
Local company fixed damage. I was wondering is this fix gonna hold. What guarantee should I ask for. They want me to sign a liabilty waiver. Photo shows how they fixed.
2 years ago
Sewer smell coming from open pipe?
Hello! I have a sewer smell that seems to be coming from a pipe between the 1st floor and the roof. The pipe has no cap on the inside. Is this normal? Hi. I would suggest you to contact a plumber who...
2 years ago 2
Constant spluttering
Hi. I've been trying to solve an issue for a dental practice with their water. It splutters as if there is air being pushed out on both hot and cold. It's a combi system (all mains pressure). This...
2 years ago
Identify this bathtub fixture
I have this fixture on a clawfoot tub in a rental.I want to install a hand held shower but not sure what to do with this is no spout just what looks like a quick connect fitting Sorry, no idea about...
2 years ago 1
Rain king 1950 yard sprinkler
I have a 1950s rain king yard sprinkler that is missing one of the water diverter tips. Do you know where i could find a replacement?
2 years ago
radiator was moved, I want to get rid of the exposed valve.
had to move a radiator in my kitchen to install a fridge. the valve is sticking up out of the hardwood. I have access to the steam pipe below where the old radiator was. can I cut this and cap it? I...
2 years ago 1