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How much should it cost to run a gas fireplace?
I have an airbnb and guests have used the fireplace. My gas bill is normally 20-40$ but when the fireplace gets used it jumped to 120$. Is my fireplace malfunctioning? It's probably not so much the...
1 year ago 1
canon coalridge gas fire
we have a black coalridge fire, took it apart to clean, started lighting first time, now it wont spark at all. any idea what has happened and what we need to do to fix it or if anyone has instructions...
1 year ago
How Do I Get a Gas Fireplace Removed?
You'll probably need to call a company like Amerigas about the propane, both the tank and the gas may be theirs and can only be collected by them. After that, just call an HVAC guy or company to have...
3 years ago 1
How is the valor home flame Fire fitting ? I want to remove mine
I have had the gas capped but I cant see how to remove it
4 years ago
I have a gas fireplace that the pilot is lit but when turning up the thermostat
My gas fire place pilot is on but when I turn up my thermostat it won't ignite the flame
4 years ago
how do i keep my older fireplace from smoking into house
i have an older house damper has nothces sometimes backdraft causes house to smoke up how do i adjust damper to prevent this I really haven't run into an improperly designed fireplace and chimney, so...
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The knob will depress to light the pilot, but will not turn to any further.
I have a set of gas logs, the knob will depress to be able to light the pilot, but it will not turn any further to set the temperature. It kind of stuck earlier when I was blowing heater out getting...
5 years ago
Is the fireplace damper open when the slide is to the right side or left side?!!
No further details provided Usually, to the my experience. You can confirm your setup by putting a flashlight in the fireplace or by lighting a fire. You should very easily see the light...
5 years ago 1
when I hold the button down to light pilot on my vent free gas logs, I can smell
When I hold the pilot button down to light pilot on my vent free gas logs I can smell gas. when I push the ignitor, the burner will flare and try to start rather the pilot. this is a Martin Industry's...
5 years ago
Gas logs remote works but when I turn it on it turns Rite back off
I got a new set of gas logs n.g. .. The remote works but when I turn it on it turns rite back off .. battery are new. I hooked it up to the old set of logs and it works like it should . Don't know...
5 years ago
My remote works but when I turn it on it will turn rite back off
Remote works but I turn it on and it turns off every time . I can hook the receiver to my old gas logs and it works . Help . Thanks
5 years ago
[B]P - L - E - A - S - E .......CAN ANYONE HELP!!![/B] I'm looking for installation instructions for a Cannon Coalridge Gas Fire 3213258 Grey Done the usual thing....contacted manufacturers (who have...
5 years ago
Does the cannon coalridge bf gas fire have a light
5 years ago
I what to do my fire wall like old stone with these stamps can I used snowcrete
5 years ago
what would cause a vistaflame 100 to shut itself off every now and then
No further details provided
5 years ago