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cold weather condensation in vacum line to induction blower
I have had this problem when the outside temp falls below O. I have to keep blowing the moisture out of the vacuum line that connects to the induction blower from the switch. as long as I do this...
5 years ago
Heatilator GNDC36 flame adjustment
Everything works fine, I would like to adjust the flame a little is this possible
5 years ago
does the FFD require the pilot flame to play on the whole detector on Cannon coa
Cannon coal ridge gas fire,just been fitted with a replacement ,how much flame should be playing on the probe. At the moment the pilot flame does not reach the probe,hence it will not hold `in`. model...
6 years ago
What are the notches on a flue handle for in a fire place
No further details provided That's the old way of regulating the fire's Burn Rate, based on the size of the fire you wanted. By limiting the exhaust capacity you limit the air-intake capacity. It...
6 years ago 1
i have a set of gas logs for my fire place what all do i need to hook it up
i live in a double wide that has a fireplace insert i bought a set of gas logs to go in it . what all will i need to run the gas to it i plan on using a 100 gallon propane tank . the fire place is...
6 years ago
How do I use this rental fireplace
I just moved into a house rental with a absentee landlord. We have a working GAS fireplace, but the previous tenant seems to have just piled wood on top of the gas flame output, which is just a...
6 years ago
Where can I find a replacement topside burner bar for emberglow gas log set
No further details provided
6 years ago
my gas fireplace only comes on when i tap the vavle essembly
I have a Jamestown fireplace the pilot light stays o but now the stove only coms on sometimes when I tap the valve assemble
6 years ago
pilot works but burner wont come on
prop an fire place model lfp33pr mftd by desa international the piolet light works fine but the burner wont work
6 years ago
the switch on my gas fireplace won't work when i turn it on and the pilot light is on.
The gas fireplace don't work but the pilot light is on, how do I get my fireplace to work again. Should I buy a new switch. Remove the switch and tie the wires togeather. If it works then you need a...
6 years ago 2
can u replace a wood burning insert with a gas insert
No further details provided YES
6 years ago 2
Our ventless logs go out after 15 minutes, but the pilot remains lit.
They will cut back on for a few minutes, and continue off and on. I don't know where the oxygen sensor is to clean it. I didn't know logs had an oxygen sensor. They have a flame sensor. If it were bad...
7 years ago 2
The pilot light on my Emberglow vent free fireplace log will not stay light, wha
You have a bad thermocouple. I turn the dial to pilot, and hold in the dial and press the red button, no matter how long I hold it in as soon as I release it the flame goes out. Any suggestions?
7 years ago 2
Flue Adjustment
There are no notches on my flu adjustment and it is inside my fireplace. How do I adjust it?
7 years ago
my pilot lite is on, turn on switch and fireplace fires up and after a couple minutes everything goes off, including the pilot.
No further details provided You most likely have: 1. A weak thermocouple or 2. The pilot flame is not in good contact with the thermocouple.
7 years ago 2