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How do you apply the bag of the ground porcelain to the emberglow 18
Included in the 18" emberglow non vent fireplace insert is a bag that I am calling ground porcelain. Am I supposed to pour this over the logs? Not sure what this is for there are no instructions in...
7 years ago 2
gas fireplace pilot lite but the logs will not lite...what should I do?
No further details provided With the information provided, I would suggest you call an expert to come and check them, rather than risk blowing your house up.
7 years ago 2
log placement for gas log fireplace
I don't really know what your question is, However, #1 read and follow manufacturer's instructions carefully. Safety is the primary concern. Keep fire hazzards away. Proper venting to avoid deadly...
7 years ago 2
need to determine if it is a robertshaw valve or sit valve. on a gnrc36 heatilator direct vent. 14 yrs old
have a heatilator direct vent. model gnrc36. need to determine if it has a robertshaw or sit valve so i can order parts. It could be either. Look on the body of the gas valve to find the make and...
7 years ago 6
can i replace pellet stove insert with gas logs
I have a free standing fire place which i chsnged to a pellet stove insert now i would like to change to gas logs the fire place was vented thru roof which is now covered with new roof the insert was...
7 years ago 3
is there remote control possibilites for the Heatilator GNDC36
No further details provided In general you can convert any gas fireplace that turns on and off with a wall switch to use with a remote control. Fireplace shops will have kits that have the parts...
7 years ago 2
How to get firewood upstairs
We have a house on a steep slope. Firewood is delivered at ground level and fireplace is 3 stories up. I can't think of a less demanding traveler than firewood. Building an elevator for people would...
7 years ago 4
how do i remove candle wax from slate
dripped candle wax on slate fireplace hearth. tried scrapping with credit card to no avail Melt it with a hot hair drier and remove with a rag while in liquid state. You may have to do more than once...
7 years ago 2
Has anyone installed a heat recovery for gas flue pipe?
I have a gas pireplace with the exhaust flue going into my garage and out the roof. The pipe gets quite hot and I boxed it in and the temperature in the box reaches over 70°F. I would like to use...
7 years ago
How do I install gas logs into my fireplace?
I got a new gas log set (Emberglow Canyon Campfire VEnted Gas Log Set) but am having trouble trying to install it. How do I take the cap off of the gas pipe in the fireplace? It seems painted on,...
7 years ago 2
I have a heatilator with the wall switch. Pilot is on. Wont stay lit
The switch is defective. You can confirm this by removing it and connecting the wires together. The unit should come on and stay on until you disconnect the wires. If it does, replace the switch. I...
8 years ago 2
I need a set up manual for emberglow vent free lp gas logs
No further details provided I don't know what model or size logs you have. You can check with Home Depo. They carry emberglow lp logs. They should be able to download a installation manual for you or...
8 years ago 2
Heatilator Gas Fireplace
Use a key to turn gas on, then light logs with match. No switch for the blower, how does the blower turn on. Maybe it is not working. What is the model number? Most of those units do not come with...
8 years ago 2
My gas fireplace won't start.
The pilot light is on. I tired to override the wall switch but it still doesn't work. Check the gas valve to see if it is in the full on position and not at the pilot position.
8 years ago 2
open gas fire pit won't ignite why
We live in Mesa AZ and have an open gas firepit in the backyard. We did not ignite it for 6 months so when we tried to light it it will not ignite. We know the gas is working but the keyed switch on...
8 years ago