How do I install gas logs into my fireplace?

I got a new gas log set (Emberglow Canyon Campfire VEnted Gas Log Set) but am having trouble trying to install it.
How do I take the cap off of the gas pipe in the fireplace? It seems painted on, maybe even rusted, but it's really tough to unscrew. Any advice? I tried using wrenches, one of the cap, one on the pipe, and went opposite ways. They unscrew counter-clockwise, correct?
The instruction manual states that I have to "knock out" a part of where the logs go (burner), to hook up to the pipe (burner). How do I knock it out? Use a screwdriver?
Lastly, if anyone has had experience doing this on their own, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share your experiences!
Thank you!
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Yes it unscrews ccw. First, Very Important:be sure the gas cock is in the full off position. If it is rusted on, Iron pipe it could be diffcult to break loose. You will need two pipe wrenches and some pressure on it. Once you break the first thread it will unscrew. After removing clean the threads good with a wire brush.  Second, There should be a round punched hole that you have to knock out. You can use a screwdriver and hammer to tap and break it loose to remove. Third, make sure to use a good quality pipe dope on all joints, not tefflon tape. Once you are through, mix up some water and dish soap in a spray bottle, turn on the gas and spray all connections and joints and check for leaks before firing the logs. Good luck!
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