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Repair PDF Manual Needed Please
Manual needed for Sears Solid State garage opener 139.652001
4 months ago
Damp Proof My Garage For Storage
My garage is the 1st of a row of garages. It's single brick walls, corrugated roof and metal door. How do I make it damp proof so tha I can store personal items in it please?
9 months ago
Paint Garage Concrete Floor without Etching as its new
I just brought a new newly constructed house and the garage floor was build a few months back but it did house construction material for the builder. Do I need to etch the surface or can I just clean...
3 years ago 1
Problem with garage door opener
Anyone got instruction manual for Alltronik garage door opener please.
3 years ago
small shop space for rent in north metro atlanta
looking for small wood shop space near lilburn / norcross area. 1000 to 1500 sq ft.
4 years ago
need bottom seal p shape but don't know make of my door
I need the bottom seal for my garage door. Does not have a sticker on it to say what brand it is. The hinge does say JGS, but I know that is not the door brand. How do I find brand so I can get the p...
4 years ago
How much does it cost to replace a 2 door garage door with a single door?
What is an estimate of replacing a 2 garage door for a 1 garage door It depends on the size of your garage door most importantly. Depends on the size of the garage door I'd Presume.
4 years ago 2
Is there different type of plastic hinges or can they fit all types of garage?
I'm thinking of buying plastic hinges online, because there isn't any stores that sells it here. The only thing is that I don't know if it'll fit. Do hinges come in one shape and fit all types of...
5 years ago
garage door lights not working - no click when I push the light button
Had issues with our garage door. I cut the wiring at the 2 sensors and wall unit and plugged them in directly to the overhead unit. That part all works fine now so I will order the 22 g wire and...
5 years ago
How do I lift a garage door that has no assistance from the tension springs.
To change out the tracks, I released the tension from the springs, lowered the door and replaced the tracks. How do I lift the door without the assistance of the tension springs? The door appears to...
5 years ago
I had concrete put in my garage last year . Do I need to seal it this year?
No further details provided It would be a good time. Hopefully, you'll be getting it before any stains happened. The only sealer I recommend is Radonseal. It's very deep penetrating and permanent, it...
5 years ago 1
We want to add a 3rd car garage to an existing, but have a question on roof
We want to add a third car garage to an existing side entry garage with a hip roof. My question is how to we attach the roof to the hip roof making it look nice. The picture should make it a bit more...
5 years ago 1
Best and most economic-friendly steel garage door on market today?
No further details provided Whatever Home Depot or Lowe's carries. I did a bunch of Clopay doors from Home Depot at $300 for a full kit...cheaper than you can make yourself. Very easy for most anyone...
5 years ago 1
what makes a garage door jump when it first starts to open
No further details provided
5 years ago
need to know ceiling clearance for 7ft 6in door with opener required
building garage , need to know ceiling clearance for 7ft 6in door with opener not using special clearance kits, thanks ron Minimum of 15" clearance required above top of opening for standard radius...
5 years ago 1