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Placement of deadbolt on door with glass panes
i have a steel door with half glass window. my contractor couldn't install a deadbolt because he said there isn't enough space between the glass and edge of door. Does anyone know if there is any...
4 months ago
Removing interior door handle
Can you try to unscrew the plate on the side of the door and see if there is a set screw or something you can undo through the lock mechanism? I'm trying to remove a door handle with a thumb turn lock...
7 months ago 1
old deadbolt stuck in fram
I'm renting a house built in 1950 with, best I can tell, the original deadbolt on the door. The key wasn't provided, but it worked fine from the inside -- until today ... the latch (that "unlocked"...
2 years ago
Repair of Older Doorknob Set
I have removed, cleaned and am trying to reassemble an older doorknob set. Everything seems to work but the locking mechanism on the inside part of the lock. I can't seem to get it to fit. The button...
2 years ago
Deadbolt locks
How to get the deadbolt locks repaired?
2 years ago
Schalge electronic lock issue with latch
I have a Schlage FE595 lock that is electronic. I have had it since 2008, and it just stopped latching - the spring latch would not push in. After removing the latch I noticed there was a piece broken...
3 years ago
Need to know how to unlock a dead bolt thats in the locked position
Ok I'm locked out of my room the only other way in is go outside an break a window please help me I've no money for a locksmith i can't get to any screws at all I'm on outside
3 years ago
hinge pin locks
How can I keep someone out of a locked door? They are removing the hinge pins that are on the outside. hinge bolts would stop the door from being lifted from its hinges. like these here
4 years ago 1
my front door lock sometimes can not be opened with key. it is newly installed month ago.
i insert the key into the door lock but sometimes it could not turn. After half hour later, it turns when I try again.I still don't know why. Well locks work on a mechanism that is similar to that of...
4 years ago 2
repair baldwin door lock
set screw on handle is stripped
5 years ago
How to disassemble a gatehouse doorknob to get to the cylinder for rekeying
I have the following knob that I bought for cheap from a garage sale but it doesn't have a key. I know how to shim it for rekeying but cannot get to the cylinder to do so. So I need to take it apart....
5 years ago 2
how to remove a Baldwin lockset?
How to remove a Baldwin lockset?
5 years ago
Looking for replacement dead bolts for metal door that is only 1 1/4
I have a metal security door that is very old. The door where the dead bolt and knob is only measures 1 1/4" thick. Every commerical replacement has a much larger cylinder that goes into the door to...
5 years ago
What is a Slaymaker Clamp for
Sounds like an antique bicycle lock No further details provided
5 years ago 1
I bought 3 low Husky cabinets and 2 tall cabinets. I want to get 5 locks all the keyed the same.
I cannot find a contact other than the big box stores to ask about locks. Does anyone have a phone or email for Husky?
5 years ago