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Oil rayburn 308k
Hi how do you remove a leaking boiler from a rayburn 308K, do you have to remove top of Rayburn ,regards Dai .
3 months ago
Improving flow rate from rising main
Help please! We suffer from a low flow rate from our rising main (1/2 pipe into the house). This is particularly frustrating as the local fire brigade occasionally tops up their tanks from the fire...
9 months ago
drain pipe leak
leak. see pic. the horiz drain pipe going into the wall after the trap in the bathroom is corroded on the bottom. It is corroded on the bottom and all the way thru the pipe up until about 1" from the...
2 years ago
Repeat broken pipe
Two winters ago, we had a pipe burst in the exterior wall of our finished basement. The pipe leads to the outdoor faucet, and we had not shut off the water to this line before a very cold week in...
2 years ago
well pump short cycling
Have narrowed the problem down to the pressure tank. the manufacturer's tech rep asked me if water came out of the air valve when I check the tank pressure, and it does. He said that means the tank is...
2 years ago
Central Heating Pipes
Hi, any advice would be welcome. We live in an older property, probably built in the 60's, 4 bed, we live in an area with good soft water, and we have problems with heating our house, when it's really...
2 years ago
Worcester greenstar 24i junior/28i junior
Hi looking for some help here if possible or direction Recently visited mothers only to fined she had not been using her boiler due to it leaking having looked at it I found that the leak was coming...
2 years ago
What happens if the sump pump fails AND the water backup pump fails when the sump pit is sealed?
I was wondering since I have a sump pump pit that fills up with calcified stuff all the time and clogs up my sump pump making the trip arm attached to the floater stick and not work - have to...
2 years ago
Baxi WM/70/4PF water ingress into the APS from pipes.
Baxi WM/70/4PF water ingress into the APS from pipes. Hi I keep getting water in the APS from the pipes, fitted new o rings to the air box at the top ( Baxi recommendation) , these were both rotted...
2 years ago
Warmflow Boiler
I am advised by my plumber that WARMFLOW boilers are designed to last 10 years only. Does anyone else agree with me that that is a cynical way to do business? I would expect an important piece of...
2 years ago
sink drain piping
Our new kitchen sink installation doesn't drain properly. After the two drains empty and pass thru' the trap, it rises 2" before heading downward to the main stack to exit the building (see image...
3 years ago 1
Central Heating Pump Over Run
I have an old back boiler which works fine and have recently added a new programmable digital room stat. This has made the central heating more controllable but the water in the cylinder is now...
3 years ago
removing a radiator
I want to take off the radiator to replace with a new one. Is this easy ? [IMG] Yes, it can be very easy. Though, you'll want the system off and cooled-down. Then, you can either drain the system down...
3 years ago 1
Foundation, Water, or Plumbing Issue?
Looked at a house for sale today. The sidewalk slab next to the porch is sunken away from the house. The patio on the exact opposite side of the house is sunken toward the house. Holes have opened up...
4 years ago 1
Is the flow rate of a waste valve different than a ball valve
No further details provided Only if the Ball Valve is Full Port or the same as the pipe it's attached to...waste valve's are less than the pipe.
4 years ago 1