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Tub Down spout
Ok, first time on a Forum. I ham trying to tighten up a BathTub downspout. Reason I trying to tighten is the spout moves....So I assume the pipe is not attached to the wall behind the tile.....was...
9 months ago
Almost stripped screw in Delta faucet
How do I unscrew the almost stripped screw out of Delta faucet. I feel like screw is stuck on the way out since I can unscrew it a little a bit ( and screw it back in) but it just won't go out. Now...
1 year ago
What kind of faucet is this? It came with the house and doesn't have a handle
This is a kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer. The only mark I could find as the rectangle in the closeup photo [IMG] [IMG]
4 years ago
Frost Free Sillcock repair kit
I need the repair kit for my 10" Frost Free Sillcock. The only marking on the valve is "SF". Do you know what manufacturer uses "SF" marking? Why is it so crucial that you use the SF manufacturer?...
5 years ago 1
pfister 950-390 check valve
My drawing shows a 950-390 Check Valve, but I cannot find one. Also, I replaced the cartridge and the the gasket. My faucet leaks
5 years ago