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Sewer Smell (rotten eggs)
I used Rooto Drain cleaner in my shower drain ,about an hour later. I had a rotten egg smell throughout my house. Can't find the source. No smell coming from toilet or shower drain
10 months ago
Septic tank cover cracked
I had some one parking the car and cracking my septic tank cover. It is 8 ft X 4 ft size cover with opening for two 24" X 24" lid holes. Some of small broken concrete pieces have fallen into the tank....
2 years ago
Drainage pipe
A sewage pipe that passes vertically inside the building, creates an unpleasant smell, what can be done -Get and keep your face away from it. - -Run it up to the roof and let it stink-up the outdoors....
3 years ago 1
Sewer line damaged by telephone company cable
Due to numerous times that the sewer backed up into the house, we worked with a plumbing company that said the sewer line should be replaced. The plumbing company notified all utility companies and...
3 years ago 1
manhole blocked
hi there, i might have stupid questions that most of you might think. I'm a woman who doesn't know about plumbing works but a worrier. i think my main sewer has been clogged and i would like to know...
4 years ago 1
my current septic tank caved in do i just fill hole its workn fine
No further details provided Um, no! What's wrong with you? No, it's not "working fine" if it caved in! And no, you don't just get rid of the "eyesore"! Don't invite me over again. You'll probably...
4 years ago 1
can you use heat tape on plastic pvc drain line
I just purchased a mobile home and when the temps fell below freezing the drain lines froze. I had been told you dont have to worry about that but I guess you do. Can I add heat tape to pvc pipe or...
4 years ago 1
need septic lid replacement,20 in snap on and twist,?manufacturer fiberglass
Had septic pumped,lid. Cracked across top. Lid has tabs that sit atop opening with cutout for the lid tabs to align and snap down and twist tight. Tank fiberglass with center opening,1000...
4 years ago 1
stainless steel sink stained with using rooto prfessioanal drain cleaner how to
how to clean stains in stainless steel sinks after using rooto professional drain cleaner Buff or Sand the stain out with a heavy plastic scouring pad or brass wool pad. You can use S.O.S. pads, but...
5 years ago 1
how to fix a drain joint leak
i have aleak in a 4 inch pvc drain pipe at a joint how can i repair Cut it out and replace the fitting. Yeah, PVC isn't the godsend claimed to be. I'm seriously thinking of never using it again, after...
5 years ago 1
are coffee grounds bad for plumbing?
Are coffee grounds good or bad to put down the drain? Given that your drain is probably not even a couple of feet away from the kitchen trash can, simply throw them into the trash. This way you don't...
5 years ago 1
I need a 7 inch wide septic tank riser lid replacement. Where to find one???
The one I had on there was shattered and I cannot find a replacement lid with a 7 inch diameter - help! Or how do I cover this riser? Any ideas? Found the part ! Norwalk Tank Company in Joliet Il has...
5 years ago 1
can I use a roto rooter to clean out clogged dirt in my outside drain pvc pipe?
No further details provided Sure, whatever works. Or, just use a blasting or gushing garden hose, the best in my opinion.
5 years ago 1
tub drain has lead trap (hole in trap)
No further details provided So, replace it. Everyone else does.
5 years ago 1
How much does it cost to re-route 140 FT. of 4' sewer line?
No further details provided
5 years ago