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Old deep water in house
Renting 1945 yr old house with old deep well...can't find pressure tank or switch location... Where would it b do I turn water back on to house?
1 year ago
Correct sump pump sizingin home
We recently purchased a home that has sump pumps, and have never had had one in our house before (or the need for one) and I was wondering if the pumps installed were of the correct size. Our house...
2 years ago
drain utility sink directly into sump pump discharge?
Hi, I'm trying to figure out if I'm able to drain a utility sink directly into the discharge pipe for the sump pump? There's a right angle into the bathroom floor, I'd love to just replace the right...
2 years ago
Sump pump installation
I.would like a discription on to locate sump pump in basement floor. None in floor now but is required to sell house. Thanks for input. Typically, in a corner of the smallest room or bump-out wing....
4 years ago 1
Which brand of sump pumps you prefer Little Giant, Zoeller or Libert and Why?
This question n is for experienced sump pump users, now I have4 year old 1/2 Zoeller N267 HP Non-Auto Eject and looking for replace in near future. Seems like you have a decent sump pump in place...
4 years ago 1
Sump pump dilemma
Sump pump dilemma hard to choose for me one of these great pump: 1/3 Hp Diaphragm Switch Sump Pump (6-CIA-RFS) or 1/3 HP Sump Pump (FKIT35A) from Liberty Pump Anybody can help me? The first thing you...
5 years ago 2
sump pump battery backup beeping
My Zoeller Aquanot® 508-0005 12 Volt Backup Sump Pump System is start beeping. What is that mean? You should check if the cord is connected to an outlet. That beeping sounds most likely means that...
5 years ago 2
what sealent is used to prevent oders seeping through the plastic sump pump lid
No further details provided None, usually. You really don't want a Sealer, Caulking nor any Adhesive-Like product that makes servicing the sump difficult to re-seal or involved to open. Normally, a...
5 years ago 1
how to clean a sump pump pit
No further details provided Just water hosed-in or dumped-in will get you most of the way to clean. Keep filling the sump while the pump pumps out the water and any debris. After that, you can use a...
6 years ago 1
Triple safe Pump running every 10 minutes.
No further details provided
6 years ago
Will a sump pump work without a foot value?
No further details provided
7 years ago