Correct sump pump sizingin home

We recently purchased a home that has sump pumps, and have never had had one in our house before (or the need for one) and I was wondering if the pumps installed were of the correct size. Our house has a drain tile system in place and a reasonable size sump pump well (about 16 or so inches). The two pumps installed are a Wayne CDU980e, and a Barracuda (Superior rebrand I think) 92751 (a sump and effluent pump) both 3/4 horsepower pumps, and the previous owners left another Campell-Hausfeld 3/4 horse pump (broken for some reason). Clearly, they had thought that bigger was "more better" however, I have heard that having an oversize pump can shorten the lifespan because it runs for short bursts. Since wet season came in, the main pump, the Wayne, has been running about once every 3-4 minutes. I was wondering if we should replace one of the two pumps with a smaller one and leave the Wayne as a heavy duty/backup pump. Our area has been known for heavy flooding due to the Wisconsin river backing up regularly in the spring and summer, and having a good reliable sump pump is important, however, I don't think that two 3/4 horse pumps are necessary. Any advice?
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