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What is the relationship between this site and Home Advisor?
There is a link on this website that takes you directly to Home Advisor. What is the relationship between the 2? As far as I know, none whatsoever. There are many (thousands perhaps) links from this...
5 years ago 1
how do you answer a recent question?
No further details provided Good question, thank you for asking! Simply go to the question's page (linked from home page, another post or search at ) and under the body of the question, a form will...
5 years ago 1
How can I view a 5-year-old discussion?
It's still there: I'm not certain what you mean by "no means to navigate" - the post is presented in its entirety, there was really nothing more posted in that thread and nothing seems truncated. I...
7 years ago 14
Do you reccomend I paint an entire wall with a brush like the guy on the home page?
No further details provided
7 years ago
what is the bigest space you can put a header in before for have to put a post up?
This system lets you do 140 characters in the header (kinda like Twitter) and then whatever else you could not fit can go into the description on the next page that asks the security question, just...
8 years ago 2
If you are looking for information or advice about any home or garden related question, you've come to the right place! Here at HomeOwners' Hub you can get the help you need from many different...
8 years ago