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Grill replacement
Looking for a replacement grill to a Electromode wall heater, Model WJA-12. Is this possible to find ?
3 weeks ago
Adams speed flame trouble shooting
No reaction from Adams speed flame unit
1 year ago
Boiler fault
My biasi m90 24s boiler senses domestic hot water pressure drop and the flow valve light illuminates immediately. But there is about 4 or 5 second delay befor the gas ignites. Gas and water pressure...
1 year ago
Singer Hanging Electric Heater
I have a hanging Singer heater that seems to have an issue with the fan switch. The heating element works wonderfully and the fan kicks on when it should. The problem is that after the element turns...
1 year ago 5
draft inducer fan or support tall pipe?
I think a draft inducer TJERNLUND DJ3 or D3 would be better, but might go with pic 1 and 2 if i can tie this up strong against 200mph winds. thoughts? pics
1 year ago
oil heater air fuel ratio question
On my oil heater adjusting the air band and shutter I see the flame getting larger and larger as i decrease the air. Set to the smallest air intake the flame is the largest. I never see smoke. I did a...
1 year ago
Baxi system 35/60 ignition problem
Hi all, I have the above boiler and it has developed a curious problem. When the demand is called, the boiler needs to be reset 4 times, the first time the fan runs, but no spark, ignition fail light...
2 years ago
Thermostat (British Gas WR1 receiver/ Drayton Digistat)
The receiver gets the signal from the thermostat ok, as it flashes ¾ times when receiving the signal (approx. every 3 mins). The boiler switches on/off ok at the desired times so the...
2 years ago
Furnace keeps running
I have a american standard frerdom 90 furnace gose through the proper cycle but i have the thermostat shut off its brand new just hooked up just incase i have the wireing messed up what would the...
2 years ago
Furnace breaker switches?
The responses to this is a huge help for me and my issue. My question is, I have an electric furnace. On the furnace there are two circuit breaker switches. One of the switches is turned off. Why...
2 years ago
Solid fuel central heating system
Hi, I'm looking to buy a house (2 bed semi circa 1900) it currently has no central heating in, just two gas fires. Being opposed to fracking and non renewable energy I am considering a log burner with...
2 years ago
Goodman furnace
Goodman M# MS80903ANA Furnace combustion blower comes on, glow plug kicks in, but no ignition. I have gas to valve, but not opening up to allow flow to pilot assembly. [IMG]
2 years ago
1960,s general electric 21lg furnace fan limit switch appears to be rare)
I have a fan limit switch that is not functioning properly. It stays on. The normal honeywell looking switch with probe does not fit. When pulled out it looks very different. It has 2 lead screws...
2 years ago 1
Nest Thermostat contol of Sentry Boiler
I have a Sentry Gas Fired Boiler (Model S-90 EDP) with an old battery powered Thermostat currently hooked up via a R and W wire directly to the T & Tv wires as showing on Page 7 of this installation...
3 years ago
Furnace Question
This is of course a purely hypothetical situation. Imagine that someone purchased a house with a very old propane furnace in the spring, then found out in the fall that it will cost an arm and a leg...
3 years ago 2