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How to properly prep for new backsplash?
Hello! I am installing a new backsplash in our kitchen. I've done it twice before but both times required minimal wall prep because it was on fresh drywall. This time, I tore out the old 'backsplash'....
2 years ago
Replacing broken tiles on front of house
Hello, your advice please... I live in a 1970's house when hanging tiles on the front of a house was all the rage! As you can see from the photo, some of these tiles are now chipped and broken. Is it...
3 years ago
Can I add more grout after it is dry to make it smoother looking?
No further details provided You can, but it usually won't last and will just flake off. The only good way to do it is while it's still wet and being sponged. After dry though, you'd need to saw it out...
5 years ago 1
which is better for setting 12x18 porcelain tile on a shower wall; ready mix or
I am trying to set 12x18 porcelain tile in a shower. What type of thin set is best and sets fastest?
6 years ago
Is grout water proof or do you need an underlayment?
when laying tile in a shower do you need an underlayment to keep it from getting wet in behind the tile? No, grout is porous, but you can make it and keep it waterproof by sealing it with clear...
7 years ago 1
does tile stick to joint compound
I'm just finishing up a bathroom wall (Green board) Do i need to cover the joint compound with anything? No Bathtub OR Shower. It's all smooth. I do not plan on priming the board. No, the tile...
8 years ago 1
need to set tile on uneven brick wall how do i float wall and with what materials
Floating a wall so uneven that metal lath is involved is not really an easy job, most certainly not for a DIYer. Not trying to discourage you from trying new things, just saying that there may be...
8 years ago 2
Tile wrap or mirror?
Will all three parties involved (you, your husband and the contractor) be very upset if I said that neither approach is correct? Well, let me back it up a bit: how many walls are you tiling, two or...
8 years ago 6
what's a wet wall as opposed to a standard wall when ordering a soap dish?
Wetwall is actually a brand name of a waterproof paneling system by Shore that's designed to be an alternative to tiles. I don't believe they can actually get you a true recessed soap dish for Wetwall...
8 years ago 2