need to set tile on uneven brick wall how do i float wall and with what materials

Floating a wall so uneven that metal lath is involved is not really an easy job, most certainly not for a DIYer. Not trying to discourage you from trying new things, just saying that there may be other options with more guaranteed outcomes.
If you don't think you can trowel a coat of mortar to get it even withing about 1/4" (the tiles will further even it out when set), I would investigate a possibility of mounting a cement board onto the bricks instead. The board will create a perfect backing that will make setting tiles on thinset look like a walk in a park.  Depending on whether water involved here or not, there are various ways to mount it, including gluing it with liquid nails glue, furring strips, anchors or a combination thereof.
But as far as floating it, if the brick has not been painted, you don't really need any special material to make the mortar stick. The lath is there to help immobilize it and and when the mortar is set, it won't go anywhere. You would affix the lath to the bricks with concrete nails before floating. 
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I have a brick wall thats very uneven and would like to install tile over it. What materials do I use to float the wall. Also should I nail wire lath to wall before floating. Are there products I can use to help the float stick to the brick? DO I even need the metal lath?
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