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Untreated wood left outside
Hi my boyfriend bought a bench and chairs of untreated wood and does not want to stain or paint it thinking it will just 'age' nicely. Sadly he won't listen to the fact that it will warp, mold and...
4 years ago 1
I have a Ryobi JM-100 Biscuit joiner that is locked in the out position.
Can anyone advise on how to unlock it? I have not been able to find any information on what to do when it locks up. Thank you in advance!
4 years ago
This is all well and good but where does one obtain the Sears current tap/auto switch
my friend has the Sears current tap that will start and run his vacuum ,for instance , when he starts his sander. I haven't been able to locate one of these anywhere on line or elsewhere. I want one...
4 years ago
I need 4 posts that hold up some beams in my outdoor patio. Since a 4x4 PT post actual measurement is 3.5 by 3.5, can i cut one side of the 4x4 so it has a reduced width and becomes 2.5 by 3.5 which...
4 years ago 1
I need an Owner / Users manual for a Wood Master Multi machine Century XXI
I Just bought this machine and of course No manual. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.
5 years ago
best dowel size to use on an oak truss I am making I prefer 15mm but some say 18mm. is there a standard size recommended
No further details provided
5 years ago
which way do jointer blades point ?
No further details provided Into the wood or toward the in-feed table, to the right. So, the blades help to keep the wood down tight. Otherwise, the wood could ride up on the cutter barrel.
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There is still no clear answer to the question
I want to put on one final, clean, smooth coat of Minwax Polyurithane on my coffee table. Following the directions on the can and sanding between coats as directed I get a terrible end result. I...
5 years ago 1
is there any resale value to woodworking magazines
There is some resale value. Check Ebay and ads in woodworking magazines for clues. Has anyone had luck at selling back issues of woodworking magazines. Some of which I have are layout plans.
5 years ago 1
locate hidden. brass screws in wood?
No further details provided A decent Lumber Metal Detector from this century. They have more sensitive circuitry and can tune in a good deal better. For example, the Lumber Wizard 4
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Maple surround for fireplace, two joints are separating. Stainable Repair???
My cousin made a 3D surround for my new fireplace. It is made of solid Maple. The two joints on the inner section are separating and I want to know what I can use to repair or fill in the separation...
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Looking for source for Morris Tool Co. threaded bits. Own Newton Horizontal borer.
Just learned that Morris Tool is no longer in business. I am looking for a source for the 14-6 threaded bits for a Newton horizontal boring machine. 7/16 by 4 1/2 and others as well. Thanks in...
6 years ago
sears 149.23871 lathe
Just picked up this lathe (Sears 149.23871). It's in good condition but I'm trying to find a users manual for it. It's not available on the Sears/craftsman website. Here it is in all of its glory PDF...
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what size is a wicks 370w bandsaw blade
can you tell me what size a replacement blade for wicks 370w bandsaw 1/4-inch, but you may be able to also fit a 3/8-inch.
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Where can I get parts for a Morgan 100A wood vise ?
I need parts for a Morgan 100A wood vise that I would like to rebuild, a picture diagram would also be handy. Thanks, Henry Don't know and couldn't find any. Morgan is a line of Milwaukee Tool &...
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