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VCT Asbestos Tiles
I have the old style VCT asbestos tiles in my den and want to install an epoxy coating. Do I have pay someone to remove the tiles first? Is there an alternative?
2 years ago
How do I remove carpet laid over a quarry tile floor?
Old and tatty carpet has been glued, not very well over a quarry tile floor in a house of about 1812. Needs removing and tiles restoring. Any advice?
5 years ago
Can I use RTD Sheeting as subfloor under wonderboard which will be set in thinset
Can I use RTD Sheeting for a subfloor. I would apply thinset to attach the wonderboard and then tile.
5 years ago
how do you get dry silicone caulk off tile if you've made a mistake?
No further details provided Dollar General has "Amazing Cleaner" (the actual name) in squirt bottle - try it I keep old cards (like old credit cards) Just scrape it over the edges of caulk - - it...
5 years ago 2
How to repair chipped slate tiles in front hallway?
My front hallway (1950's ranch) has a 6 x 12 foot section of irregular slate tiles. I am trying to fix things up prior to putting the house on the market and have thoroughly cleaned the grout, which...
6 years ago 1
i need five B&Q windsor 60x60 cream polished porcelain floor tiles if any one ha
wanted b&q windsor polished porcelaine 60x60 floor tiles in cream /beige if any one has the odd one i will buy and pay for postage please call dave 07803940582
6 years ago
Is pva glue with a tiny amount of white spirits the same as colour intensifier,
I'm going to Be laying a slate floor and I was told I need a colour intensifier, but was informed that colour intensifier is just PVA glue with white spirits. and not to wast my money on colour...
6 years ago
i bought a porcelain shower pan. it is very heavy, no flex. can I tile over it. if not paint?
No further details provided
7 years ago
new tile an Grout
I put brand new tile in my Kitchen an Dining an hall an bathroom almost 500sq ft an then I used the added grout sealer instead of water an now alot of it is coming up,I used unsanded grout an when the...
7 years ago
I want to install tile in a small closet about 4'x5' the original subfloor is wood. How thick does the wonder board have to be?
I'm asking because I want the tile that I'm installing to be flush with existing hardwood floor. I converted the closet into a tiny laundry room just for the washer and dryer.
7 years ago
Can tile be installed over sealed concrete
No further details provided
7 years ago
No further details provided
8 years ago
I need to know where to buy wedgewood blue tile grout.
I bought some wedgewood blue grout at colortile years ago & since they aren't around anymore i need to find it somewhere else. I need it in the smallest amount, as it will most likely have to be...
8 years ago
grout in a tube
Those little pre-mixed tile grout squeeze tubes are actually perfect for patching and repair work. It's really hard to measure and mix parts properly when all you need is just a couple of ounces of...
8 years ago 2
the edges of my new travertine floor are getting darker and eroding. Any solutions and what is causing it?
The floors are 4 months old. The edges of each stone on the floor where foot traffic is the most.
8 years ago