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Generac generator has no compression
I can turn the motor over with my hand no resistance at all was running just fine
1 year ago
Rigid 8000w Generator only runs with choke
I have a rigid rd8000 generator that is a little older but i cannot seem to get running correctly. It will start with choke fully on and then if i back it off to about half way it will run like a...
2 years ago
Northstar/Honda Generator won't shut off
I recently bought a Northstar 13000 PPG generator that is run by a Honda 20 hp engine. I believe it is about 20 years old and had been sitting idle for a number of years. It has battery operated...
3 years ago 1
My Generac 6500 has not been started in over 18 mths what's to be done
I have a Generac 6500 model F-01006-0. It has not boon started in over 18 months. What do I need to do to start it up again? As far as I know, an engine is still an engine. Fill the oil to the proper...
4 years ago 1
i have a 10kw peter lister and all of a sudden only low power commin out generator to house what could it be
No further details provided Could be the generator head. You should know if the engine sounds normal or is revving as it should. It could also be a bad connection or wire. Like, only 120's coming in,...
4 years ago 1
power not transferred to transfer switch box
I have a 17500K Portable Generac Generator. During a recent outage in my area, I was unable to get the power to go through my transfer switch box (located on the outside by my electrical meter). It...
4 years ago 1
how to drain gas from honda generator
I have a Honda GX270 gas generator, and need to drain the tank until the next power outage. Read the manual. Tip it over or pull the fuel line, it's right over the pull cord, and then run it dry.
4 years ago 1
i need a complete engine to interchange with tecumseh HM100 159272N
it runs a coleman powermate model PM 0525202
5 years ago
Generac automatic transfer switch for 16kw gen
I have a 16kw Generac with a automatic transfer switch, the transfer switch will transfer from emergency to city power but will not transfer to emergency from city what should i be looking for thank...
5 years ago
Transfer switch did not operate with last power outage
Had a power outage this morning Generator came on like it was supposed to but the transfer switch did not move to cut off utility and go to standby power. Both generator and transfer switch has...
5 years ago 1
what would cause standby generator transfer switch not transfer power
power went off gen started but would not transfer to gen over even on manual transfer
5 years ago
how do I get at thespark generator on my new world series 2 gas hob please
I think the top frame plate needs to come off but don't know which screws need removing help please. I know all loose pieces need too come off first. I do not know if the spark electrodes need...
5 years ago
generater smokes when 30amp breaker is on
hello just installed 8kw generac generator and runs great starts up once a week on time but when I hit the 30 amp breaker on generator smokes only drawing 26 amps on that side and 19 amps on other...
6 years ago
Honda EU2000i Generator does not run smooth (lopes) unless I have the choke half
Generator does not run smooth unless choke is about half way on
6 years ago
I have a generac 7550 generator and it runs to fast
I tried adjusting the throttle linkage and that didn't help. I can adjust the idle coil but when a load is applied it runs wide open, how can I get it to slow down under load ?
6 years ago