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Senco FinishPro 35 won't shoot nails
I have an old Senco FinishPro 35. The firing mechanism isn't working properly. It seems to extend slowly, then stay in the extended position (won't retract to original position). How do I fix this?
3 months ago
904367 Handle set for Delta Shopmaster Saw
I keep coming up with "No longer available" for this part number. Just hoping somebody could possibly find one for me. The saw works great but the handle is somebody out there has one of these (or a...
8 months ago
How do I measure a square bolt for an 8 point socket?
1 year ago
20" husqvarna 455 Chain tensioner is at the end of the adjustment screw with a brand new chain.
I have a husqvarna 455 chainsaw. The sprocket looks good and the bar looks good. The bar says 72 drive links .050 gauge and 3/8" pitch. I always buy stihl chains. I buy a brand new chain and the...
3 years ago 1
sears professional table saw 922124
Looking for the specifications of the two Motor capacitors: Run Cap (224E OR91725) and Start Cap (224C OR91723) The Start Cap on my saw destroyed itself and obliterated any identification and specs...
3 years ago
U-tube Lightning pro concrete mixer , tool looks great
Saw this new tool on u tube. Makes mixing bagged concrete a breeze compared to using a hoe or shovel. Also don't need a powered mixer .
5 years ago
i want to cut a cast iron sewing machine in half for book ends
what do i cut it with ?
5 years ago
how to change bulb
How do I change. Bulb in my zero trace lithium -ion led flashlight the serial number is TL1KPZ I think its charging right but it has been stoped a couple times
5 years ago
Need replacement fence part 1349805 for Delta 10" compound miter saw model 36-075
I have a Delta 10" compound power miter saw model 36-075 and need a replacement fence--part # 1349805. It is an obsolete part, so I am hoping someone has a broken saw that they are willing to piece...
5 years ago
spare blades
No further details provided
5 years ago
where can i get wheelbarrow axle mounts to fit a 5/8 inch axle?
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5 years ago
30 amp fuse keeps blowing on 18hp Kohler engine on my Craftsman garden tractor.
The 30 amp fuse keeps blowing on my 2000 Craftsman garden tractor with a 18hp Kohler engine. I have replaced the switch and solenoid and checked all wiring for damaged insulation but all wiring looks...
5 years ago
replacement clip for my drum sander
I can't find a new clip (to hold the sandpaper strip) for my 16"-32" Ryobi drum sander...Ideas?
5 years ago
Can individual steel hand truck wheels be separated to change the tube?
I have a hand truck with steel wheels that haave 4 bolts surrounding the hub. Can I remove the bolts to separate the wheel halves, replace the tube and get the wheel back together.
5 years ago
my rigid shop vac lost most of its suction. why did this happen?
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5 years ago