Rigid 8000w Generator only runs with choke

I have a rigid rd8000 generator that is a little older but i cannot seem to get running correctly. It will start with choke fully on and then if i back it off to about half way it will run like a champ and i can load it up (tried shop vac and table saw), but if i take the choke to run it stals out. I have read around about it and know carberator is a common cause but here is everything I have done:
1) Changed fresh oil
2) Change new spark plug and gapped correctly
3) Brand new fuel with a little sea foam.
4) Took apart the carberuator and cleaned and rebuilt with new seal/gasket
5) Replaced gasket between carb and insulator
I even tried putting on an entirely brand new carb and it still had the exact same issue. Also tried removing the air filter just to see if that was the issue, and no affect. This is stumping me any help?
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