Primer bulb won't fill

I am completely stuck. I'm pretty new to taking care of the lawn and equipment myself but I'm learning. A couple yrs ago I bought a new weed eater, obviously it ran perfect until I put in the wrong mixture of fuel. Dumped all the old fuel out, refilled with good, always had to play with the choke but it would run and serve it's purpose. A WK ago I started it, it ran for about 15min and shut down, I started it again and it shut down almost immediately. I filled it up with fuel just in case it was too low tried starting again, started then shut down. So I started trouble shooting. I tried adjusting the carburetor, no fix. I then checked the fuel lines to make sure they were clear, all good there. As this point I see the primer bulb isn't filling up. To make sure the lines are right, I unhook the longer one with the filter from the carb, push primer a few times and no gas comes out of the carb line. I do some more Google and YouTube and I year apart the carburetor, clean it. When I took it apart I noticed that the little orange valve under the bulb was torn, so I replaced it with a black one. Put everything back together, yes the lines are on correctly, the fuel filter diaphragm has no holes, the bulb has no holes or cracks. When I initially first put it back together it worked, started it, adjusted choke,then it shut down. Tried to start again and I noticed that when I push the bulb it blows air but doesn't push the fuel to fill the bulb. I'm at a loss. Please help out a mom trying to relearn life. Thanks
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