Northstar/Honda Generator won't shut off

I recently bought a Northstar 13000 PPG generator that is run by a Honda 20 hp engine. I believe it is about 20 years old and had been sitting idle for a number of years. It has battery operated starter but when I bought it the starter ignition assembly had been disassembled and was said to dead. I searched online and found an ignition assembly and a friend who is an avid motorcycle mechanic agreed to install it and get the motor running. Today when i picked it up he told me that the wiring on the new ignition didn't exactly match the original wiring. In addition, he was not able to get the key starter to turn the motor off. He suggested that I just need to shut the gas valve off and wait for the gas in the line to run out in order to shut the motor off. While the motor runs extremely well I am not happy with this "solution" to shut the motor off. There is an extra wire on the new ignition switch that he did not use and according to the picture diagram that came with the new switch assembly the blue wire is for the carburetor solenoid. Is it possible that the motor would start and then not be able to shut down without an active solenoid? Any suggestions as to how to figure this one out?
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I have a generator powered by a Honda engine. The recommend method in the operators manual is to actually shut off the generator by closing the fuel valve. They recommend using the key switch only in emergencies. Leaving gas in carburetor (particularly gas containing ethanol) is a sure fire way to shorten the life of the carburetor. That being said its night wired correctly or the wrong switch was used,
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