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garlic wild
got lots of wild garlic yellow flowers taste like spicy brocoli seeds are about a mm long and green can the green seeds be used to make yellow garlic paste? hmm, do you know the specific species?...
2 days ago 1
small spiders
i posted a few pictures on my web page about the small spiders i use for bug control in the worm buckets. :) some people hate spiders and react badly to pictures so if you are one of those people,...
4 days ago
How to inspire confidence!
Hi All, I had a start when I saw this! "Note: While screened through a 1/4 inch mesh, this green waste compost may still contain small amounts of non-organic foreign objects (glass, metal, plastic,...
1 month ago 13
bulk bean pics
yesterday was a good day for taking a few pictures of the bulk beans and getting the pictures edited and posted to the website. :) this one shows the difference in color between the Purple Dove beans...
1 month ago 14
cucumbers are still out there
under the lilac tree where i tossed them two or three months ago. only a few of them show any signs of rotting, the rest look just like they did when i threw them there. i thought various creatures...
2 months ago
garlic question
My wife planted garlic in pots on the deck in early spring and got some nice cloves of garlic. Now for some reason she planted more about a month or so ago. It is up and growing but freeze is expected...
2 months ago 14
Rooting tops of blackberry/raspberry plants before they go dormant
Will that work? I've got a nice grow light setup, 12 of those panels with red and blue LEDs. I've got Dip 'n Grow. Anyone else here grow berries? Thanks. --Bryan
2 months ago
another muclh question
This year I had a bunch of pine needles and put them around my tomato plants. Probalby several inches thick as I had a large pine removed and needed to do something with the needles. Can I use my...
3 months ago 1
mulch question
Hi All, I am suppose to put a bit of mulch over my over winter onions to protect them from the elements. I have pine needles and peat moss. Does both qualify? -T T wrote: i wouldn't use peat moss at...
3 months ago 3
Green beans?
Hi All, Are green beans very difficult to grow? (Keep in mind my black thumb.) Found these with a 50 day maturity: strings either. And my trophy wife loves the way I cook green beans: bacon fat,...
3 months ago 14
purple dove beans
i really enjoyed growing these the past three years. the first year i only had a small sample to work with and to get the seed supply built up. the second year i verified they did well in most garden...
3 months ago 5
Sweet Potatoes
I harvested the sweet potatoes this morning. We had a 25' row, about 3/4 regular yellow and the rest white sweet potatoes. The yellow did very well, we got at least 20# of good sized potatoes, but the...
3 months ago 5
Hi All, Not to ask too stupid a question, but if gourds are not editable, what are they used for? Are they toxic? -T And they only nest in human provided housing. Hmmm. They'd better eat a lot of...
3 months ago 8
a few squash pics
the varigated ones, a cross between kabocha and a local pumpkin of some kind: supposed to be small squash? i'd hate to meet the parents! songbird Gorgeous! I liked them too. thanks! i managed to get a...
3 months ago 7
Frost Warnings Tonight
We've had a little cold snap here in Maryland, just northeast of Baltimore. Daytime highs in the mid-60's, overnight lows in the mid-40's. Tonight they're predicting a low of 40 with frost warnings. I...
3 months ago 2