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do you sell an eggshell marine varnish
do you sell an eggshell marines varnish
4 years ago
Copper pipes newly painted with Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood showing green
Relatively new central heating pipes installed 12 months ago just painted with Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood paint appearing pale green three days after painting. Looks unwise to have used this...
5 years ago 1
would like to have some black easy caulk strips for kitchen, can anybody help?
Need to seal the gap between unit tops and walls in very old house (walls uneven) sourced some black sealant strips in USA, but very expensive and wondered if there was an equivalent here - there is...
5 years ago
how do I fablon my worktops?
I want to re-cover my worktops in the kitchen and have heard that fablon can be used. What do I need to do to protect them once fablon is in place?
5 years ago
Help! I found that tin foil damp proofing stuff on my walls too!
I stripped off the old wallpaper in the living room and found that the area around the window had the tin foil stuff about half way up the walls. Bits of it came off with the steamer, but most of it...
8 years ago 1
I just bought a grey stain which looks a little dark for a chair project can I lighten it?
Just stripped a walnut chair and couldn't get all the stain out as it was dark brown and I am a little worried to go ahead and stain with this grey stain as it is a slate grey and looks kind of medium...
8 years ago 1
I have vertical blinds with a pull chain to turn them, however the pull chain is locking up and the louvers will not turn at all.
Could it be as simple as the pull chain slipping off the pulley and wedging itself between the pulley and another part of the mechanism that's close? It's really hard to tell unless someone goes up on...
8 years ago 2