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Which one should I choose - window blinds or window shutters?
Recently, I've completed all the renovation works in my home. Now I want to install some window shutters. But I'm not sure which one to choose. I've decided to select vinyl shutters. I've contacted a...
2 months ago
Window brand recommendations uPVC
Hey guys, I was researching a bit trying to find online shops that make windows to measure and I'm not feeling confident some of these online vendors use good quality stuff to make their windows. I...
2 months ago
Chain that regulates slats turning
My chain was pulled by my granddaughter, and now it is very uneven. I have tried pulling it to even it, but am afraid I will break something. How can I fix this? Nothing else is wrong just the chain...
6 months ago
Aluminium Anglia lean-to conservatory can't identify rubber gaskets that need replacing
Please can anyone tell me what the gaskets in the photos are and where I can get replacements? [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
10 months ago
Sliding window rollers problem
Hi there, I've got some internal sliding windows that add a 3rd glazing in my flat due to the noise of the main road in front of the property and recently the rollers decided to give up as they are...
10 months ago
Upvc window handle won't open
My upvc window handle will not budge. Im wanting to replace the handle but can not lift the handle up to get to the screw underneath. I've tried using a small piece of metal to free the lock but still...
1 year ago
Waterbar on Anderson Casement window. How important in this situation?
The windows we're talking about might be original, circa 1989. I found that the waterbar at the top was hitting (what I assume) was fascia ... bent up to where I couldn't open the window. I was able...
2 years ago
Is there a warenty on my NAMI windows?
I have NAMI windows that have a film on the inside. I would like to know if the warenty is still good. Maybe. Except, NAMI isn't the manufacturer and only the certifier that the window met some level...
5 years ago 1
Fixing metal frame of large storm window
While carrying a storm window (that protects a stationary 30 pane window) a portion of the frame slipped out of place and we couldn't reattach. This is a heavy piece of glass covering a 3.6' x 6'...
5 years ago 1
interested in replacing the windows in my house who do i call?
I own my home and in need of a good company that has good replacement windows. I'm not familiar with all the options that are available for windows or if there are only alum or plastic windows. I'm...
5 years ago 2
how to repair 23 yr old pella window blinds (fabric) that open and close with cord.
The cord(s) broke. Pella no longer repairs them. Call a Window Treatment store and ask them if they offer repair services or whom they usually refer. They're not really complicated devices, but the...
5 years ago 1
how much do impact windows cost
No further details provided A lot, both times. Impact windows don't save the window, they save who's behind the window. Call a local Glass Shop about replacing the glass in your existing windows, they...
5 years ago 1
my windows are ten years old and are all foggy can i replace them
window seal is shot and windows are foggy You can do whatever you want, especially not buy that brand again. Call the manufacturer about warranty coverage. Take the sashes to a Hardware Store or Glass...
5 years ago 1
IRS credit installing film on window pane?
Does our government allow credit for installing heat reduction film on home windows? Sure, just list it in your records and keep the receipts as part of your Home Improvement Deductions. However, you...
5 years ago 1
What can I apply on my windows for privacy
There is a shield that you can tape on windows so I can still see out but my neighbors can't see in? There's Mirror Film that will do the trick, but it's all I know of and doesn't necessarily work at...
5 years ago 1