interested in replacing the windows in my house who do i call?

I own my home and in need of a good company that has good replacement windows. I'm not familiar with all the options that are available for windows or if there are only alum or plastic windows. I'm looking for an honest company with knowledge and will help me but not be pushy. Any ideas?
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Window frames are either wood, vinyl, aluminum or sometimes different composite materials. Deciding on which material will be right for your home will depend on your particular needs. After you decide what the most important feature (low-cost, energy saving, style, etc.), then you can make an informed decision about what to buy and who to hire for the job.
If you live in an area that gets frigidly cold during the winter, or scorching hot in the summer, consider investing in double pane windows. This web page explains what double pane windows are in an easy to understand and helpful way:
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I'm not sure which state you live in, so I can't give you a solid recommendation on a window installation business to hire. However, I do suggest searching for a "glass shop" on or, and reading through some reviews that other people have written about their experiences with local businesses.
If you happen to live in Southern California, I know the best glass shop in Orange County is Tiffany's Glass and Mirror in Buena Park. Sure, I'm a little biased because it's my dad's shop, but there are plenty of positive reviews on Yelp for the work done by Tiffany's Glass & Mirror, too.
Hope my answer helps a bit, and best of luck to you! :)
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I'm in the same boat! We need to replace our windows too, and we have been doing lots of research. From what I've found, is that there are so many different options. There are wood, vinyl, or aluminum frames. Then, there are also different thicknesses of glass to choose from.
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