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Queen post truss
I have a large hip roof with Queen post roof trusses that span 30 ft to the outside walls of a bungalow that is 30 x 40 ft. There is one center wall in the house that I suspect is holding these...
8 months ago
What size beam needed to replace a14' support wall?
I have removed support walls before, but this one has a different sort of roof structure. The roof spans the house about 40'. The support wall is dead in the middle and in line with the roof ridge...
1 year ago
leadership study program on urban innovations
This year?s Leaders Study Program on Urban Innovations is in Vancou ver and scheduled between August 27-30th August .The city?s extraordin ary success meant that the city?s name itself has come to be...
2 years ago
Inside Allerton: The Essential Guide to Robert Allerton Park
Step inside the world of Robert Allerton Park in central Illinois and discover the rich history and surprising stories of the stately home, formal gardens, and woodland trails that make up this...
3 years ago
Not sure what this could be...?
I'm hoping someone can provide some answers on this. I'm actually a little creeped out by it... My husband bought a home years and years before I met him as an investment property. There have been...
4 years ago 1
Patio Cover Question (Ledger Board Placement)
Hello First time posting. I need to install a patio cover, however the eves of my roof are too low to give me the height I require at the end (14 ft) of the patio cover. What are my options? I DO NOT...
4 years ago 1
How heavy a safe can I have upstairs?
x-no-archive: yes I've been having a hard time trying to find an answer to this. I read something ( written by an engineer ) that said new homes are rated for 75 - 80 pounds per square foot in...
5 years ago 1
Job Opportunity : Placemaking
Hello We are looking to add a Architect with an interest in placemaking , landsca pe and urbanism with minimum 1 year experience in urban design , developing construction drawings, site supervision to...
6 years ago
Mudhif House
Apparently, they are entirely built out of reeds and nothing else. No windows. There may be reed houses of different styles to be found elsewhere as well, such as in Peru, at Lake Titicaca.
7 years ago
Should I replace casement windows with double hung
The interior of my wood casement windows get wet when it rains. I am thinking of replacing them with double hung. I am afraid it will change the look of my 20 year old house or could effect...
7 years ago 2
BUILDING BETTER: Certificate Course for Sustainable Building Practices and Policies
Centre for Science and Environment?s Sustainable Buildings Programme is o rganizing 5 day training on Green buildings. The programme aims to enable p articipants to adopt a common sense approach to...
7 years ago
Thailand Dome Home
Kinda neat, built similar to an Igloo. No rules, cheap prices, just do it. I like it! While there seems to be the intent to create copies of the...
7 years ago 3
light transmitting concrete = thermal mass?
Hi, All, Does light transmitting concrete still act as a thermal mass, or does the included glass nix that property...? TIA! - Kris K. Here are images: &bih=968 Likely about the same Kris, similar...
7 years ago 10
Question re: floorplans - passivhaus/sustainable building
Heelo there! We've been wanting to downsize out home. I'm intrested in the "passivhaus" and green/sustainable/*highly-insulated* ideas, and what I'm wondering is this: Beyond the fact bump-outs and...
7 years ago 3
Per's Dream?
Or Pierre's nightmare? Hmmm, Per, and the same? Or Pierre's nightmare? Hmmm, Per, and the same? Sure, 3D printing is fun and cute. And products like the Makerbot and Form...
7 years ago 18