What size beam needed to replace a14' support wall?

I have removed support walls before, but this one has a different sort of roof
structure. The roof spans the house about 40'. The support wall is dead in the
middle and in line with the roof ridge beam. There are vertical support studs
directly under the ridge beam and on top of the wall I want to remove part of.
There are also lateral support webs or ties that go from about 1/2 way down the
roof and also sit on top of this same wall. This roof design seems to be
transfering a lot of the roof weight to this wall. Can I build a beam out of
two 2x12's and 1/2" plywood, or will I need a LVL? What about putting a 2x12
on each side of the vertical studs and using rafter ties (or similar) to attach
the ceiling joists and these lateral supports to it so I can put the "beam" in
the attic?
Thanks in advance for your help !
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