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How much is -53 Fahrenheit in Celsius
Yeah, thats pretty crazy this year. Minus 53 Fahrenheit is -47.2 Celsius! Hoping people in the Midwest have their outside faucets freezeproofed and water to them shut off Just wondering how cold it...
1 year ago 1
Aircondition problem
My o general ac power light is no working.. couple of months ago the light was some kind of blinking. But now it is completely off. Also i can sense there is deterioration of cooling than before. Is...
2 years ago
Shed Window AC blows breakers
GE model AEL12 12,000 btu pulls 3250 watts (by the book) from a 115-Volt circuit. I bought it for my outdoors shed last year here in Florida. Ran great a few days each month in 2017. This year, I ran...
2 years ago
Pump blow cold air in heating mode.
Heat pump blow cold air in the heating mode. Can anyone let me know how can I fix this problem?
2 years ago
R407c refrigerant for HVAC
Hi, I recently started having issues with my HVAC. The contractor took a look and said he would need to replace the compressor. Along with that, he said he would need 10 pounds of R407c refrigerant...
3 years ago
Replace Straight AC Condenser with Heat Pump Condenser
Can I replace a bad 3 ton straight AC condenser with a used 3 ton heat pump condenser, using it only in the AC mode. What are your thoughts?
4 years ago
replacing condenser
when replacing condenser, on an already installed heat pump unit do we have to get one for heat pump or a reg one for outside?
5 years ago
what does -AC mean on the thermostat
What does the code -AC mean on the thermostat?
5 years ago
control to rise or lower temp doesn't work
unit states ac will not come on until 90,cant lower or rise temp.what can I do Restart the initial system, see if that will work. If not it may be a problem with the wiring itself.
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what is the SEER rating on this unit 6H2036A100A4
No further details provided
5 years ago
carrier infinity does not shut off
Set on A/C, set at 76 deg, and it still runs when actual temp is at 72 deg. so I have to manually shut it off Any advice would be appreciated Mike
5 years ago
ge gss23sgsb not cold enough
No further details provided
5 years ago
New a/c installed in condo getting a wood smell and having breathing issues help
Live in a small 2 bedroom condo 800 sq ft owner had a/c replaced. New one installed end of May cools great but keep getting a wood smell that is really strong and has given me breathing issues, also...
5 years ago
Which is more efficient for room return air ventilation, in line or squirrel cag
Which is more efficient to use for room return air boosting, in line or squirrel cage fans?
5 years ago
stuck on a certian climate buttons wont change
Are you talking about navigating the thermostat's settings menu or about it not controlling the A/C (or furnace, although it's summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, so I have to assume it's A/C) as...
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