Shed Window AC blows breakers

GE model AEL12 12,000 btu pulls 3250 watts (by the book) from a 115-Volt circuit. I bought it for my outdoors shed last year here in Florida. Ran great a few days each month in 2017. This year, I ran it a few days in June--ran great. Ran it a few days in July--ran great. Ran it a few days in August--ran great. Now, no joy. It runs only a few minutes, then the breaker in the house blows. So I plugged into different receptacles (diff CBs) and same thing happens. Runs a few minutes, then blows the breaker. There is nothing else on these 20 Amp breakers.
I see no obvious problems inside the AC. Would like to have expert thoughts before I put out bucks to fix or replace.
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