New a/c installed in condo getting a wood smell and having breathing issues help

Live in a small 2 bedroom condo 800 sq ft owner had a/c replaced. New one installed end of May cools great but keep getting a wood smell that is really strong and has given me breathing issues, also experiencing headaches, sore throat but the feeling of someone standing on my chest is the worst. Have even gone to the ER and the Dr said my lungs were fine??!! Maybe allergy? I have lived here for 2 years and never had this issue before the new a/c unit was installed. The ducts are the flexible kind tied up in the attic where the condenser is located. The ducts when I inspected from the register side are clean and fee of lint, mold etc...did get highest rated filter, did not help. I have not had the a/c tech come back to inspect wanted more information in case he says it is a new unit it can't smell. I am living in hell feeling sick and out of breath, for more than 2 months. I will really appreciate any input others may have had with this issue and the solutions found.
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