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Confused about which option to choose about our house
We have 2 options for us on what to do with our house...... #1 save up about 40,000 in a years time to repair and remodel house to put up for sell. #2 save up to 65,000 in a years time and just pay...
1 year ago
home warranty
Top home warranty companies?
5 years ago
Home Automation Technology
Hi All, My name is Brad and I'm new to this online community. This is not a solicitation, and I'm not selling anything. For the past year I've been researching the problems and frustrations that...
5 years ago
My friend has a reverse mortgage that was with B of A that was then sold to Champion.
She has requested money from her line of credit, just to get the run around from them. Why can't she get her line of credit money? Sent everything under the sun to them, just to be told that it is not...
7 years ago