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Problem removing bathroom faucet handles
I have a Grohe (I think) two-handle bathroom faucet that needs new cartridges. The handles appear to have typical caps one would pry off to access the screw underneath. However, try as I might, I...
1 year ago
What does mean the "Most Powerful Flushing Toilet"?
How to determine a toilet powerfulness? I am a little bit confused about this. Let say I want to buy a powerful flushing toilet. What should consider before purchasing that toilet? It's measured in...
1 year ago 1
Brown marks appearing on bathroom ceiling and wall
Over this last 3 months I've noticed brown rust like marks appearing on the bathroom wall. I've not idea what it can be. It doesn't wipe off. It's quite hard to touch. Any information would be greatly...
2 years ago
Serratia Marcesscens.. blood spots in bathroom! GROSS
The apartment i live in had the toilets replaced, since then I've noticed, blood like spots all over the bathroom, ive cleaned with bleach and its back again every time, its also on the shelf in my...
2 years ago
Exhaust fan in bathroom
Hi guys, I'm in desperate need of help. Today while I was getting ready for work I smelled weird smell coming out of the fan on the ceiling in my bathroom. I got on the side of the tub to feel the fan...
2 years ago
indoor motion light
the bath room motion sensor is flashing red but no light comes on, when we push the manual button still no light comes on. there are more than one light attached to this detector but none of them come...
2 years ago
Bathroom Faucet Handles Loose & Wobbly
Hello, Over time, the handles on my bathroom faucet have become loose and wobbly where the bell meets the lever part of the handle. It's now starting to feel like the cold handle might pull off at any...
3 years ago 1
reusing toilet flange bolts that have been cut
I accidentally loosen bolt from flange groove after toilet was put on. This happened while hack sawing bolt. Should I reuse it after putting back in groove and replacing toilet or replace since it...
3 years ago 1
Strange find while remodeling my bathroom.
I have started to remove what I though was wallpaper that had been painted over. Underneath the white latex paint is another color. Slightly reddish, but also seems like latex paint. Under that is...
3 years ago 1
Chemical or corroded metal smell in the bathroom
Hi. First of all, this is a condo, not a house, top floor and no attic. I had a strange issue. Smell in 2 bathrooms, one with bathtub and the other with shower. Long story short. Handyman cleaned...
3 years ago 1
Left hand locked lever door knob
Right hand sticks out in door way which gets stuck. Will lever come apart? [IMG]
3 years ago
Fitting a rad to a brick wall that has been plasterboarded and tiled
I need to mount several items from a rad to a toilet roll holder to the wall. The walls are brick covered with plasterboard (dot and dab) and then tiled. Should I drill through to the brick to insert...
3 years ago 1
sweet smell in downstairs bathroom?
I have a sweet smell in my downstairs bathroom. I have had a plumber look at it and he replaced the ring on the toilet but he stated that there was nothing wrong with it. I still have the smell and 2...
4 years ago
Cost to fix ceiling
I have water damage in my bathroom ceiling. Would likely need to replace part of the ceiling drywall then replaster and repaint. I live in Staten Island, NY. First time homeowner here, what would be a...
4 years ago
Does this look like mold? Does it look dangerous?
I am renting a room in a very old house (old enough that it has push-button style electric switches) on the coast of Northern California. This is a picture of the bathroom. As you can see, there is...
4 years ago 1