Exhaust fan in bathroom

Hi guys, I'm in desperate need of help. Today while I was getting ready for work I smelled weird smell coming out of the fan on the ceiling in my bathroom. I got on the side of the tub to feel the fan and it felt somewhere in between warm and hot. I freaked out I tried to call everybody I knew who could look at it and no one answered. I ended up calling the fire department to come check it out. When they arrived they told me that they didn't see anything wrong they felt along the ceiling and around the walls and did not feel heat coming from anywhere else. They told me that it was probably hot air in my attic coming through the fan. The fan had not been running all day and was shut off. I can still feel the heat and smell the odd smell when I stand underneath it. I can only feel the heat when I put my hand on the fan. I still feel like something is wrong even though the fire department told me everything seemed normal. Has anyone else had experience with this?
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