Serratia Marcesscens.. blood spots in bathroom! GROSS

The apartment i live in had the toilets replaced, since then I've noticed, blood like spots all over the bathroom, ive cleaned with bleach and its back again every time, its also on the shelf in my freezer. the dishwasher racks turned pink. brand new dishwasher too. its in the public washing machines. ive asked the neighbor if they have it as well, and they do.
The management company sent out a notice that there was a 4ft. compaction of baby wipes taken out of plumbing also a huge backup that over flowed and some residents had to be placed somewhere else, then later said a plumbing inspector was coming to do an inspection, my apartment was on of the units listed, and they were only checking a couple of buildings, never came to my apartment.
Since this isnt just in the bathroom. i think its in the water. after reading up about this, ive seen it can cause serious infections!! i dont know what to do. im moving out in October but i dont feel safe living here with my boyfriend and my 13 year old daughter. any suggestions please??
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