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Removing small stones from yard
So instead of grass, we had small stones covering the front yard. We are now replacing it with greenery and wanted to know if there was an easier way to remove all the small stones rather than pick...
8 months ago
New lawn
Just bought a newly constructed home in north Idaho. The yard is clay, the contractors put some gravel down to fill some low spots. I'm trying to figure out what would be best to fill and level some...
1 year ago
Looking for old users manual for Troy-bilt chipper/vacuum part number 47282
Looking for users manual for this chipper/vacuum unit from 1993.
2 years ago
Flymo Hover 300 lawnmower
The belt on the mower snapped. The centrifugal clutch plate that the belt is wrapped around is TIGHT. How that this be dismantled to find out why? Thanks.
2 years ago
I found a wheelbarrow in the middle of a busy road. It is missing the wheel, rod and bracket. Is there a cheap alternative to brackets and rods? All the replacements I have found would double, if not...
3 years ago 1
Dead or dormant grass??
Hey, I'm new here. I just moved into my first house in Jacksonville, FL with my wife and two small kids. We fell in love with the house but the yard/grass needs some love. What are some opinions on...
3 years ago 1
Will clay soil harm my lawn after fence installation?
Hello! We just had a privacy fence installed. Apparently our yard has a lot of rocks, and clay soil underneath. The process of digging for the posts unearthed a lot of this soil, which they then...
4 years ago 1
how to fill depressions in my yard from tree removal?
Our yard has 10 or more depressions from large pine tree removals done about 15 years ago. Some are quite deep (6-8in) and some very wide (12-14 in). How exactly do I fill these?? Lots of packed dirt...
4 years ago 1
hi I've just brought a chainsaw to cut the stumps out but it seam to struggle cu
Hi I've just brought a chain saw its got a new blade on does every thing it should do but struggling to cut the stumps they are only a foot out the ground can u help
4 years ago
How do I use lime to neutralize muriatice acid runoff into my flowerbed?
My husband cleaned bricks on the house near my elephant ear flowerbed with muriatic acid, can I use lime to neutralize the soil?
4 years ago
Hedge trimmer squealing noise
I have a black and Decker electric 16" hedge trimmer. It has started making a very loud squealing noise from around the motor area. I have tried taking the blades off, cleaning and oiling everything,...
4 years ago
What company can redesign and replace an entire existing sprinkler system?
I removed all plants, trees, and shrubs when I first bought my property 8 years ago. There is an existing sprinkler system that has many underground broken pipes everywhere. Many pipes cannot even be...
5 years ago
Hot Test Fail problem?
Was having problems with one of the coils cutting out so I swapped them and then the engine was running file so I decided to take a spin around the backyard to see if it would cutout again (No...
5 years ago
snapper model 331522kve only operates in 1st and reverse?
Just got it from a friend, starts, runs great but only in 1st and reverse.
5 years ago
why does my 46'' tractor lawn mower pickup grass clippings
When I cut my grass the bagger of my 46'' Craftsman tractor does not pickup the clippings
5 years ago