Will clay soil harm my lawn after fence installation?

Hello! We just had a privacy fence installed. Apparently our yard has a lot of rocks, and clay soil underneath. The process of digging for the posts unearthed a lot of this soil, which they then patted down around the posts once they had the posts set in the ground/cement. My question is will this clay type soil harm the grass, and prevent grass from growing? There is grass underneath where they clumped the soil around the area of the posts, but im assuming it will be smothered from the clay soil. If it is likely to be a problem, what can I do with this clay soil to get rid of it?
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Yep, it'll probably kill the grass there before the grass can poke through. Usually, you can just shoot it with a hose to break it up and wash most of it into the surrounding grass. Or, it that doesn't do it, you'll need to rake or scrape away the bulk and then hose it down...they should've done the raking to let rains restore the construction areas.
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