Hot Test Fail problem?

Was having problems with one of the coils cutting out so I swapped them and then the engine was running file so I decided to take a spin around the backyard to see if it would cutout again (No engine/blower shroud installed) and the engine overheated and I believe I suffered a "Hot Test Fail". The symptoms were exactly like the manual described and now I have no power anywhere. Even the hour meter is no longer reading anything. checked battery and was reading only 3 volts, replaced with new battery and still nothing happens when key is turned to "start" with brake depressed. 12 v present at starter solenoid and starter will crank when solenoid terminals momentarily shorted, but nothing with key start. can't seem to locate a wiring diagram for the ignition switch.???Any suggestions on where to look. Checked safety switches and all appear to be OK.
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