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Worcester Bosch 30CDi Combi Boiler over heating
Looking for a bit of diagnostic help on the following problem. The boiler is a Worcester Greenstar 30i ErP Combi has been working fine for about 3 years up to around 3 weeks ago when the boiler...
1 year ago
Water Storage Cylinder
I need to replace my gledhill pulsacoil which is faulty and not repairable, can anyone recommend a replacement please - I only need it to heat hot water? I have a quote for unvented but do I need...
1 year ago
Radiators getting warm during shower or when taps are in use
Hi guys, I'm having a problem when showering/using hot water on taps where the radiators start to get warm after a few minutes. I believe there is a valve on my boiler that controls the flow of water...
2 years ago
Baxi boiler – E125 error. Do I need a pro? Or an exorcist?
I'm the unlucky owner of the Baxi Duo-Tec combi, an unstable beast of a boiler at the best of times. The latest error is the most concerning – it's...
3 years ago
Glow-worm fuelsaver f boiler
Hello, I have a Glow-worm boiler and after having my system powerflushed and then the pump replaced I am getting kettling noises, any ideas?
3 years ago
biasi combi boiler, hot water problems
The hot water is sometimes fine then it runs cold, I've had the diaphram changed I originally thought the water pressure was too low that was causing the problems, I've had that checked by the water...
3 years ago 1
Kenmore water heater thermostat 7135
Part availability
4 years ago
My bolier switches on and off while running hot water, so it goes cold
We have a Worcester 28 cdi and the pressure is 2.2 bar. When running hot water, the boiler switches on and off,so you don't get a constant flow of hot water, any ideas how to fix this please?
4 years ago
We have a Vaillant VCW GB 221 H boiler, which has developed a problem.The heatin
We have a Vaillant VCW GB 221 H which has developed a central heating will come on when I operate the hot water and the hot water sometimes gets hot sometimes water section pin rises when I turn on a...
4 years ago
boiler hunting off on
My Raven-heat boiler switches on and fires at full power. It switches to a lower flame level as it should but two or thee seconds later I hear a switch and the gas switches off. A few seconds later it...
4 years ago
Volkera mynute he boiler that is currently displaying a fault code 10
The pressure bar had dropped down below so 0.5 so adjusted back up to 1.5 and the the boiler shut down with an error code 10 and will not restart despite numerous attempts. The gas supply to the house...
4 years ago 1
What is Tankless Water Heater?
What is Tankless Water Heater? And why plumbers choose tankless instead tank boiler. Well you have the right idea cheritto, but your not understanding the point of utilizing a tankless. Tankless water...
4 years ago 2
what is the least expensive replacement for a GG40T6XA water heater
No further details provided I tried searching do you have any other information on the water heater seems they are all out of stock, but from what it looks like it is a 40 Gallon tank, which is...
4 years ago 1
Which model of Takagi Tankless Water Heater you may suggest for my project?
I have 480 Sq Ft log cabin and I am looking for Propane Tankless water heater from Takagi or similar. Please help choose right model of Takagi, I am living in Arizona. Well my personal opinion is that...
5 years ago 2
Worcester 350 combi boiler gas valve fault help
Having some intermittent faults. All seems to be about to work, when I get some light clicking from the gas valve for about 5 seconds then it stops and nothing happens. Is that a standard fault,?...
5 years ago