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JCB chainsaw
PCS38A I cannot refit the trigger spring. Has anyone got the same model or a photo/diagram showing how it fits.
6 months ago
Corrosion on hot water heater pipes
Is this hot water heater pipe corrosion normal? (1) Needs to be connected by a nipple, only brass available (2) Will the new brass nipple corrode just like the old did? (3) Hot water outlet nipple...
1 year ago
Nylon gear adhesive
What adhesive to repair nylon halved pencil sharpener gear? If it fails, what online pencil sharpener do you recommend? Maybe 3M DP8005, but it's not cheap, and the dual tube syringe is meant to be...
1 year ago 12
Craftsman P/Molder gears
Looking for two gears for Model # 351233831. 30t and 31t
1 year ago
Can I Run 40:1 Oil In 50:1 Equipment?
Hello, I was wondering if I could run 40:1 gas ratio in a 50:1 gas ratio, my old string trimmer died and that took 40:1. I have 2 gallons of 40:1 gas. I am getting a new string trimmer and blower that...
2 years ago 1
Garden shredder problem
My AL-KO shredder is 30 years old. It has recently developed a fault, viz. It runs for 10 seconds, then stops. Any answers please?
3 years ago
Hole saw
Which he saw is best for cutting into a 600mm cast iron sewer I need 5 inch cutter Thanks None, because you don't. You use proper fittings and sealing methods. Cast Iron is very brittle and needs a...
3 years ago 1
Nutool 12 speed pillar drill What size chuck key please!
Hi just bought a second hand Nutool 12 speed pillar drill model: DP16-12 does anybody please know what size chuck key this would take please?
3 years ago
Pre mix 50 to 1
I recently purchased a new Poulan chainsaw that says it needs a 50 to 1 mix. Can I use a can of pre-mixed fuel that I got from my local Echo dealer for my leaf blower? On Thu, 15 Jun 2017 20:14:02...
3 years ago 1
all 4 of my Makita lithius batteries refuse to charge.
I have 2 lithium 18V batteries and 2 Lithium/ion batteries for 18V. None will charge and they are NOT old. Charger blinks red/green. Book said that meant a bad charger but I bought a new one and it is...
3 years ago
Powering battery tools
Is it ok to power a 19.2v with a12v car battery?
4 years ago
Generator shuts down after transfer.
My 17 KW Generac generator shuts down after transfer to emergency power, with the generator in the auto mode I opened the main braker the generator did start and transfer, upon transfer the generator...
5 years ago
power washer has no pressure
I have an excel power washer start up good but has no water pressure? Oil; is about 1/4 fill I have no manual to let me know how much oil is need an dose it have any thing to do with the pressure?
5 years ago
what type oil goes in the pump?
6 years ago
Wrenches for a Delta 34-444
I recently purchased a Delta 34-444 table saw which did not come with the wrenches for changing blades. I've found very few sources for the box end and none for the open end. It appears that the open...
6 years ago