Cutting a SawStop ICS down to size

Cutting a SawStop ICS down to size full size image
I replaced my 35 year old contractor saw ( 24 x 22 inch table ) with a SawStop, but didn’t want to increase the floor footprint. So which SawStop model would be best for minimizing footprint? The SawStop PCS motor is normally sticking out the left hand side of cabinet, and moves inside when the blade is set to 45 degrees. The SawStop contractor saw motor hangs out the back. The SawStop ICS offered the best floor space efficiency because the motor is normally inside the cabinet, and sticks out under the right hand wing when blade is set to 45 degrees. By installing only the right hand wing, and cutting the fence rails down to size, the floor space footprint was kept the same as old contractor saw. See video for details
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