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Fitting a rad
I need to fit a new rad. The wall I'm fitting it to is brick wall. With 12mm plasterboard and 10mm tiles. Is it best to drill through to the brick to insert the rawl plugs? Or can anyone suggest the...
3 years ago
Interior 10' swirled mansard ceiling. Reappearing cracks due to temperature changes.
When the room gets warm, a small crack appears at the joint between the flat ceiling and the the ceiling pieces that slope to the walls. It disappears when the room cools off. I've tried joint...
4 years ago 1
drywall problems in new house
It is actually rather hard to see, even on a larger picture, just how off square the walls are. Can you measure it with a level? I do know the tolerance on bowing of walls is 1/4" on 32" of the...
4 years ago 3
what causes garage ceiling sheetrock sagging other than roof leaks
No further details provided Could be high humidity on either side of the drywall. Or and most likely, the drywall was too thin for the joist framing. I've never had one and never ran across anyone who...
5 years ago 1