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Florida Fence Posts
Building a 6' tall horizontal fence with 4x4 PT posts and a combination of horizontal 1x6 and 1x4 PT members (with 3/4" gap between boards). Florida building code calls for 4' spacing of posts and 24"...
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Why high tension pole and H T Yard fences provided with silver paint
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5 years ago
Anti vandal paint effect on wildlife?
If I put anti vandal paint on the side AND top of my low garden wall, is there a danger that it will contaminate the feet of birds that alight similar to when they have been caught in an oil spill?
5 years ago
i would like to stain (refurb) greyed wood fence to the original light brown color. What chemical cleaning and painting process do i use?
No further details provided You can bleach it for some improvement, but I'd just Power Sander it back to new...much better results and actually back to new, the grey doesn't go deep. However, I...
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Do I need to cover post holes before rain?
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5 years ago
what's the difference betweeen setting posts with concrete versus tamped gravel?
Setting posts in Oregon which is rainy to corral my full sized Goats ... no mini goats .... and they lean on fence. Was told that wooden fence posts in concrete will gap and pull away from concrete...
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We have very wet, clay, winter soil. Wind pushes our fence crooked. Ideas?
We have a 226 ft fence on the west and east side of an half acre lot. Winds push on it and now it is leaning. Each post is set into concrete, but still it leans with wind. Any ideas for shoring it up?...
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Concrete posts and fixings for trellis
Help. I have a new fence which fit into recessed concrete posts, and now want to fix up plastic trellis for clematis to climb. As I don't want to fix the trellis to the wooden fence, I would prefer to...
5 years ago
My neighbor wants me to treat my side of cedar fence; his is painted. Necessary?
My neighbor is insistent about this. The cedar fence is maybe 7 years old, and I've not treated it at all. His side is painted, and he complains that the wood is shrinking because I haven't treated my...
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