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Pool Trips Breaker in my Bedroom
I recently had a pool installed and the builder installed the pump and electrical on a new, separate breaker on the outside panel. My Master bedroom is right next to the pool and pumps. Whenever i...
1 year ago
2 part Epoxy paint
I use to use an off the shelf epoxy paint to on my pool. Actually, it came in a sky blue color, so I was happy with it. The only problems I had was with osmotic pressure from the ground seeping into...
2 years ago
Debris in air bleed valve
Whenever I bleed air from my filter I see debris floating up thru the device which then gets expelled thru opening. Is my filter that dirty ? Pretty much, yeah. The Primary or Pump filter baskets are...
3 years ago 1
How long should a concrete pool deck cure before applying tile on top? indoor pool
Provide more information for a definite response. I advise at least 2-3 days. Information required is what type of cement, how thick, any additives, etc.... No further details provided
5 years ago 1
Will a 15 year old liner wich is now powder blue have a yellow cast.
All the original color is gone except for a few spots. My pool is now powder blue, but the seams are white with a yellow cast. Is this due to faiding? Eileen Yep, that's fading (from Sun and chemical...
5 years ago 1
how to repair an old pool that has a sand bottom and sides
I am replacing my liner of my inground pool. It is 21 years old. The bottom and sides of the pool is sand. My pool people are afraid that there may be problems with the sand, and they will have to put...
5 years ago
best options for carpeting for aluminum pool deck area
No further details provided Any exterior rated and intended carpet is fine. You have 2 choices. Either flow-through, like Astroturf. Or, the rubber-backed waterproofing kind, like a good or commercial...
5 years ago 1
how often should swimming pool water be replaced?
The installer of our in ground pool suggested every 3 - 5 years as the free chlorine ... Yada , yada . Is this true ? wouldn't the periodic adding of water due to evaporation help balance that out ?...
5 years ago 1
the pump on my filter purges, it does not produce maximum flow and/or pressure.
had a flood problem (natural - rain and runoff from the mountains, water intrusion) into the pool room, flooded the pump. After replacing the pump motor and starting to clean the pool, the pump...
6 years ago 1
Pool pump has leak in threaded part. Any idea how to fix the leak?
The white PVC pipe of my pool pump is leaking at the threaded coupler. It is a new piece but there must have been a problem where the pipe ran dry and burned it. Does anyone know of anything that will...
6 years ago 1
I can't get my steps out for my inground pool ladder
No further details provided
6 years ago
I have a Triton Tr-100 sand filter for my in-ground 28,000 gal. pool. 'Have had for over 15 yrs. and change sand about every 6 yr. and wat
water has kept clear. Now, when I am vacuuming, what I am taking off the bottom is blown right back into the pool,also, during back flushing . , ..normally there is no flow into the pool during back-...
6 years ago
yhr flapper on my kreepy krauler isn't flapping and there is no debris of any kind? thanks
No further details provided
6 years ago
hayward pump only pull water at high speed
My Hayward pump will only pump water at high speed. At lower speed, the clean out basket is empty. At high speed, it is not full
6 years ago
the pvc pipe on my pool pump has a pin hole in it, how can i repair it.
No further details provided For that type of leak, you can just screw a tiny screw into the hole to get you by while you order up or run out for new pipe, fittings, thread sealant, primer and cement.
7 years ago 1