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Rock wool or asbestos
I found what I hope is rock wool and not asbestos in my attic. I'd appreciate some feedback. I've attached a picture here but it's pretty small so you can see a better picture here:
1 year ago
I need help identifing this insulation type looks like a mix
I tried to research and find out what I am dealing with, as I am looking to install fiberglass batts over this blow in insulation and make a storage floor to use the attic as storage space. But I can...
2 years ago
Storage heater. What to use for insulation.
Good morning everyone. Hope you all have a fantastic xmas and new year. I recently bought a 2nd hand Creda storage heater TSR24ACW specification 75772003S. All is good and working but their is no...
2 years ago 1
Should we paint over interior concrete or insulate then sheetrock?
Hi we just bought a house built in 1918 the walls seem to be solid concrete through and through. The walls are currently painted with some peeling. Wanted to know the best way to handle this...
4 years ago 1
Is it ok to use insulation that is wrapped with plastic on one side in a crawl space under the house?
No further details provided Sure, as long as that side is the ceiling side only. And yes, it can be just under one entire room. Though, the entire crawlspace ceiling would be best and provide the most...
5 years ago 1
whats the r value of 3/4 fiberboard insul. "Buildrite"
Maybe a 1, at the most. It's a cheap plywood providing great air sealing, but has almost no R-Value. Bildrite doesn't do any kind of Insulating Board.
5 years ago 1
we own a log house. we need some sort of BROWN foam to seal minor gaps.
No further details provided take your ass and go to the nearest homedep0t
5 years ago 1
can mice chew through blown in insulation
I recently had blown in insulation put under my house , which is a crawl space , I had mice before this and the workers told me that the mice wont get through this . Is this true No! Mice can get...
5 years ago 1
Wot is price for loft insulation
What is the prices for loft insulation Just to be as helpful and considerate as your question. A lot.
5 years ago 1
How to fix problem of old air borne rock wool insulation in house
No further details provided Close the window, stop the nothing but an irritant from blowing around. Or, cover it with a Batt, Blanket or Panel Insulation.
5 years ago 1
Any available spray to prevent fiberglass insulation particles fly in attic?
No further details provided Nope. Just put a plywood floor over it, IF it's only between the joists. Or, if it's stacked up beyond the joists, then you can cover it with linen, craft-paper or...
5 years ago 1
Insulating a condo
Is an attic part of only the 2nd story condos? The 1st story only has concrete above them (the floor of the upstairs). The attic is for the roof above it for the entire buildings construction. We have...
5 years ago 1
what is the u value of 25mm kingspan
No further details provided
6 years ago
Concrete slab over dirt floor and best insulation for basement - California
I have a basement/crawl space with a dirt floor (California, Zone 3, 1920s wooden frame house). Two questions: 1) I'd like to cover the dirt floor with concrete. Do I need to put in a layer of gravel...
6 years ago 1
Plywood attached to rafters to vent the soffit.
I'm looking to add insulation to my attic. It most places the insulation is only about 6 inches deep. There are soffit vents but now baffles. With the small amount of insulation blocking the vents is...
6 years ago 1