Storage heater. What to use for insulation.

Good morning everyone. Hope you all have a fantastic xmas and new year.
I recently bought a 2nd hand Creda storage heater TSR24ACW specification 75772003S. All is good and working but their is no insulation on the front panel. Looked and it seems you can only get with the front panel at around £160. Is there any other insulation or insulation boards I can get and cut to size to use instead? Any suggestions or where I can just get the insulation on its own will be massively appreciated.
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Ceramic Fibre/Wool Insulation is what's likely in the unit. They're the fusion of a kitchen range with a woodstove. So, if you ever need to replace any brick you can use woodstove bricking as replacements and the right kitchen range oven element as a replacement heating element. For now though, the Ceramic Fibre/Wool Insulation is available on Amazon if you don't have a woodstove store around locally (they can confirm the insulation you have from the unit's rear insulation)...
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